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Exploration of our sense of meaning, depth, purpose and soul can be one of the most personal and intimate journeys that we take in the course of our lives.  It can be intimidating and confusing, all the more so due to the boisterous voices in our culture that demand clear and simple answers for every question.  But life is not like that.  Life keeps asking more complicated questions all the time, meaning a deep and energized spiritual life can be difficult to chart without companionship along the way.  Spiritual direction is designed to provide precisely that kind of sensitive and careful companionship.


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I offer spiritual direction to individuals and groups.  In spiritual direction, I see myself as a partner with my clients in the process of listening for and discerning the movement of the sacred within the client's life and experience.  This listening happens in an atmosphere of non-judgmental presence, which invites the client to honestly explore his or her life and conscience with an eye toward re-connection with self, others and the sacred.

I have extensive education, training and experience in religion, theology and spiritual direction in addition to my training as a therapist.  In addition to 4 years of undergraduate education in religion, 3 years of graduate training in theology, and 2 years of graduate training in counseling, I have 2 years of specialized training in spiritual direction from The Haden Institute

Spiritual direction is a relationship focused on the development and growth of our deepest values.  My role as spiritual director is not to impose my own personal beliefs, but to offer my presence as a means of assisting the client in discerning and clarifying their own needs and interests.  My training and experience is deeply rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition along with the modern insights of C.G. Jung and depth psychology.

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