I help couples and individuals cope with the inevitable difficulties of life, increase their access to experiences of joy and peace, and find their way toward living a life of meaning and connection that is uniquely their own.



Ned Martin, Mdiv, MA, LPC

Board Certified Counselor

Certified EFT Therapist for Couples

Jungian Oriented Psychotherapist






  • Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples: I love working with couples, and I utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to assist couples in deepening their connection with one another so that they are better able to face life's difficulties and celebrate life's joy together. Emotionally Focused Therapy has the best research and outcomes of any intervention for couples. Click here to learn more about EFT.

    • Therapy Retreats for Couples: I provide a specialized service for couples who have schedules that do not work well with weekly appointments or who simply want to dive deep into their work quickly. Intensive retreats are designed for couples to meet with me for up to three days in a row--as many as 18 therapy hours. Couples can receive the equivalent of 3-6 months worth of therapy in only a few days. This approach is not for everyone, but it can be a very efficient and effective way to transform your relationship. Click here to learn more.


  • Individual Counseling--click here to learn more

    • Search for Meaning: Often, those who come to see me are not quite sure what is wrong. They notice a sense of feeling disconnected, a general malaise or a rising feeling of purposelessness or lack of direction. Life is difficult and it can take a toll. We frequently become efficient at doing things that don't really matter to us, and lose track of the things that matter most deeply. I provide a safe and non-pressurized environment where you can begin explore what really matters to you and to re-orient your life in the direction of those things.

    • Stress Reduction, Anxiety and Depression: So many of us feel overwhelmed or confused by the huge number of stresses and demands that life makes on us: from work and finances to family, relationships, and the everyday hectic pace of life we can easily lose track of who we are and want we really want. I can help you recover from the constant stress of life and begin to set a course for yourself that includes more peace, more purpose, and more enjoyment.

    • Relationships: There are times when our relationships with family, friends or partners become strained or even broken. I have significant experience working with individual clients who are struggling to understand better how to relate to those around them. I can assist you in coping with the loneliness that often comes with distress in our relationships, and I can help you to repair old connections or discover new ones, with yourself and with others.

In addition to these specialties I enjoy working with a wide range of people and concerns, including but not limited to:

In a world of tension and breakdown it is necessary for there to be those who seek to integrate their inner lives not by avoiding anguish and running away from problems, but by facing them in their naked reality and their ordinariness.
— Thomas Merton
  • Grief and loss

  • Adjustment to change

  • Excessive worry or fear

  • Trauma and crisis

  • Depression

  • Stress and concerns about physical health

  • LGBTQ related concerns

  • Sexual health

  • Job stress or vocational crises

  • Optimal performance

  • Career change

  • Relationship problems

  • Desire for personal growth

  • Family concerns

  • Substance use questions or problems with drugs or alcohol

  • Self injurious behavior

  • Suicidal thoughts

If you would like to speak in more detail about how I might be able to assist you,

please call me at (828) 734-7318  or email  ned@spring-counseling.com

About Ned

About Ned